Sherlock Holmes


Throughout the early 1940's on American Radio, Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce performed as Holmes and Watson, respectively, in several series of canonical and original Sherlock Holmes stories. When Rathbone finally departed the role before the 1947 season, Tom Conway played Sherlock Holmes opposite Nigel Bruce for one season. After a change of networks, there were two more pairings: John Stanley as Holmes and Alfred Shirley as Watson in 1947-1948 and John Stanley and Ian Martin in 1948-1949. The stories were written by Edith Meiser, a self-confessed Holmes addict. At first she used Arthur Conan Doyles' original stories, but, after the series outlived the original material, she created her own new stories. These were so well written that she was warmly praised by Arthur Conan Doyle's widow and son. First broadcast date October 20, 1930. Last broadcast date September 4, 1956


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strand art Classic Strand Art mp3 Adventure of the Christmas Bride - 12/21/1947 mp3 Adventure of the Tolling Bell - 04/07/1947 mp3 April fools day - 04/01/1946 mp3 Baconian Cipher - 05/27/1946 mp3 Blarney Stone - 03/18/1946 mp3 Book of Tobit - 03/26/1945 mp3 Cadaver in the Roman Toga - 11/09/1947 mp3 Canary Trainer - 04/23/1945 mp3 Case of stolen Navel Treaty - 11/23/1947 mp3 Case of the Camberwell Poisoner - 02/18/1946 mp3 Case of the Everblooming Roses - 05/16/1948 mp3 Case of the out of date Murder - 09/17/1945 mp3 Case of the sudden Senility - 01/11/1948 mp3 Colonel Warburton - 09/10/1945 mp3 Copper Beeches - 08/11/1959 mp3 Cradle that rocked itself - 11/30/1947 mp3 Demon Barber - 01/28/1946 mp3 Devil's Foot - 05/30/1936 mp3 Disppearing Scientist - 04/08/1946 mp3 Eyes of Mr. Layton - 09/24/1945 mp3 Girl with Gazelle - 03/25/1946 mp3 Great Gandolf - 10/22/1945 mp3 Guileless Gypsy - 02/11/1946 mp3 Haunting of Sherlock Holmes - 05/20/1946 mp3 Headless Monk - 04/15/1946 mp3 In Flanders Field - 05/14/1945 mp3 Iron Box - 12/31/1945 mp3 Limping Ghost - 09/03/1945 mp3 Living Doll - 03/11/1946 mp3 Manor House Case - 10/15/1945 mp3 Mazarin Stone - 01/04/1948 mp3 Moriarty and Diamond Jubilee - 12/07/1947 mp3 Murder by Moonlight - 10/29/1945 mp3 New Years Eve off Scilly isles - 12/28/1947 mp3 Paradol Chamber - 05/21/1945 mp3 Problem of Thor Bridge - 10/01/1945 mp3 Purloined Ruby - 05/07/1945 mp3 Retired Colorman - 03/11/1940 mp3 Tankerville Club - 04/22/1946 mp3 Terrifying Cats - 10/08/1945 mp3 Twisted lip - 05/06/1946 mp3 Uneasy Easy Chair - 05/13/1946 mp3 Unfortunate Tobacconist - 04/30/1945 mp3 Viennese Strangler - 04/09/1945 mp3 Waltz of Death - 04/29/1946 mp3 Well Staged Murder - 11/16/1947 mp3 White Elephant - 10/08/1945

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