Princess of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs
princess of mars

Originally published in 1911, A Princess of Mars is the first appearance of John Carter. A Southern gentleman who is transported by mysterious means from the Arizona desert of the Old West to the surface of Mars. In no time at all Carter is facing 12 foot tall, green-skinned, four-armed, Martians riding immense six legged beasts with mouths full of fangs. The vicious and warlike green Martians are armed to the tusks with swords, spears and deadly radium pistols. Carter discovers that, on Mars, he now has superhuman strength and agility, including the ability to leap vast distances with a single bound. In short order Carter is taken prisoner but defeats several of the huge Martians to become a warrior amongst them.

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mp3 stream Foreword
mp3 stream Chapter 1 - On the Arizona Falls
mp3 stream Chapter 2 - The Escape of the Dead
mp3 stream Chapter 3 - My Advent on Mars
mp3 stream Chapter 4 - A Prisoner
mp3 stream Chapter 5 - I Elude My Watch Dog
mp3 stream Chapter 6 - A Fight that Won Friends
mp3 stream Chapter 7 - Child-Raising on Mars
mp3 stream Chapter 8 - A Fair Captive from the Sky
mp3 stream Chapter 9 - I Learn the Language
mp3 stream Chapter 10 - Champion and Chief
mp3 stream Chapter 11 - With Dejah Thoris
mp3 stream Chapter 12 - A Prisoner with Power
mp3 stream Chapter 13 - Love-Making on Mars
mp3 stream Chapter 14 - A Duel to the Death
mp3 stream Chapter 15 - Sola Tells Me Her Story
mp3 stream Chapter 16 - We Plan Escape
mp3 stream Chapter 17 - A Costly Recapture
mp3 stream Chapter 18 - Chained in Warhoon
mp3 stream Chapter 19 - Battling in the Arena
mp3 stream Chapter 20 - In the Atmosphere Factory
mp3 stream Chapter 21 - An Air Scout for Zodanga
mp3 stream Chapter 22 - I Find Dejah
mp3 stream Chapter 23 - Lost in the Sky
mp3 stream Chapter 24 - Tars Tarkas Finds a Friend
mp3 stream Chapter 25 - The Looting of Zodanga
mp3 stream Chapter 26 - Through Carnage to Joy
mp3 stream Chapter 27 - From Joy to Death
mp3 stream Chapter 28 - At the Arizona Cave

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Edgar Rice Burroughs

Burroughs was born on September 1, 1875 in Chicago, Illinois, the son of a businessman. He was educated at a number of local schools, and during the Chicago influenza epidemic in 1891 spent a half year on his brothers' ranch on the Raft River in Idaho. He then attended the Phillips Academy in Andover and then the Michigan Military Academy. Graduating in 1895, and failing the entrance exam for West Point, he ended up as an enlisted soldier with the 7th U.S. Cavalry in Fort Grant, Arizona Territory. After being diagnosed with a heart problem and thus found ineligible for promotion to officer class, he was discharged in 1897.

By 1911, after seven years of low wages, he was working as a pencil sharpener wholesaler and began to write fiction. By this time Burroughs and Emma had two children, Joan and Hulbert. During this period, he had copious spare time and he began reading many pulp fiction magazines. Aiming his work at the 'pulp' magazines then in circulation, his first story "Under the Moons of Mars" was serialized in All-Story magazine in 1912 and earned Burroughs $400.

Burroughs soon took up writing full-time and by the time the run of Under the Moons of Mars had finished he had completed two novels, including Tarzan of the Apes, which was published from October 1912 and went on to become his most successful brand. In 1913, Burroughs and Emma had their third and last child, John Coleman.

At the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor he was a resident of Hawaii and, despite being in his late sixties, he asked for permission to be a war correspondent. This permission was granted and so he became the oldest war correspondent for the U.S. during World War II. After war ended, Burroughs moved back to Encino, California, where, after many health problems, he died of a heart attack on March 19, 1950, having written almost seventy novels.

The town of Tarzana, California was named after Tarzan. In 1919 Burroughs purchased a large ranch north of Los Angeles, California which he named "Tarzana". The citizens of the community that sprang up around the ranch voted to adopt that name when their town was incorporated in 1928. The Burroughs crater on Mars is named in Burroughs' honor.

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