Jin Xuan - Milk Oolong

This very special Taiwanese Oolong is produced from tea leaves picked at a certain temperature, altitude, soil conditions and time which creates it’s unique milky and silky texture. The tea is rocked, or sifted to sort the prime leaf required, and steamed over hot fire lightly.

The rolled, blue-green leaves have an intense milk aroma, with a slight orchid floral undertone. It smells sweet and lovely. The bright yellow brew is incredibly aromatic and flavorful. Scents of creamy caramel, flavors of cream, and coconut milk fade into a lingering, sweet-green aftertaste. It has finish of gardenias, ripe fruits and warm cream which are remarkably indulgent. Later infusions are greener, more floral and equally complex. Can be infused many many times.

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Jin Xuan - Milk Oolong

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