Mi Lan Dan Cong

Mi Lan Dan Cong

This is a high quality handmade Oolong from Guangdong China. Also known as Phoenix bird Oolong, it was a tribute tea during the Song Dynasty. The leaves are harvested from a strain of trees that grow straight trunks and the branches form an umbrella, making harvesting the leaves particularly difficult. Pickers use tall ladders or must climb the trees to harvest the long leaves.

Our strain of Mi Lan Dan Cong is light and slightly astringent, with a hint of tropical fruit. The aromatic, hearty Oolong has a clear orange brown hue in the cup. The leaves reveal their Oolong characteristics during infusion and turn green in the center and red brown on the edges. The second infusion is considered by many to be the best, a complex delicate woody, fruity taste with a desirerable, lingering aftertaste.

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