Huang Jin Gui

This tea originated from two seeds given to Lin Ziqin by Wang Danwei from an ancestral temple on their wedding day. The plants that grew were to represent the prosperity of their ancestors and families uniting. The tea produced from these had a unique golden color and fragrance like osmanthus. As a result it is often given as a wedding present.

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Huang Jin Gui

Our Premium Huang Jin Gui oolong is grown in Anxi region of Fujian province China. It is very popular for its refreshing taste. A tea with bright golden liquor and a delicate flowery aroma. This fresh scenting tea is smooth and rich. This grade has mostly leaves and less stems. Distinct osmanthus flower like aroma. The taste is rich yet complex with a flowery honeysuckle flavor. The finished tea has the distinctive ball shape, also known as ‘dragonfly head’. The balls slowly unfurl when infused. The brew starts with a fruity flavour that gradually becomes more floral with creamy sweetness. Can be infused many many times, each revealing a new layer of taste.

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